Kaer Maga

Arrival at Kaer Maga

You have just arrived at Kaer Maga, the city of strangers. According the the stories you've been told, this is a place where you can just be yourself, where no one thinks you're strange anymore. They don't call it the city of strangers for no reason.
As you enter the city through the Gap, the crumbled wall of the Warren, you quickly realize none of the stories where exaggerated. Caravans containing almost every kind of cargo you can think of (and more), enter the most chaotic streets you've ever seen; small and large houses stacked on top of each other, people from all kinds of races; humans, halflings, (half-)orcs, and even ratfolk, walking along each other as equals, seem to be some of the least strange things you see in the first minutes since your arrival.
The strangest thing you notice, actually, is that apparently no one seems to notice you. 



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